Staying Until I Can See

A while back I took a tiny step forward on a journey and several years later, I’m here to say I’m still in the thickest parts of the forest. I know almost nothing about where the journey ends or if it ends, but I do know I will absolutely never go back the way I came.

On this journey, I’ve often felt like I’d been invited into a Fun House – you know the kind with all the crazy mirrors and instead of just moving through and laughing at all the crazy images, I’ve been asked to stand in front of each mirror until I can see clearly. I have to understand and study each distortion until my brain stops seeing me with a fat head and sees through the distortion to some new reality.

This journey has been around the topic of race and diversity. I know it’s hip and cool to be knee deep in this as a white person in America today, so I’ll spare you what I’ve learned and ways I’m growing because other people are saying it better, but I did want to recommend a resource.

I'm still here

After a few years of reading and listening to primarily historical and politically oriented material, it was refreshing to read a memoir about a person living the reality of racism in America and in the American church right now in a context most of you who know me will readily understand and know.

If you are thinking about starting to look at this issue more deeply, her book is a very good step forward. If you are “knee deep” as I am in the journey of understanding, it’s going to continue the work of expanding your compassion and conviction that there is work to do. I’ve kept this issue on the front burner long enough to know that it’s these type of voices that need not only to be heard, but elevated and given prominence.

This is my tiny way of doing that.

Thank you Austin Channing Brown for your wonderful memoir. I’m committed to staying in this disorienting place for as long as it takes to see our mutual enemies (racism, white supremacy, white nationalism, white fragility – all the buzz words!!!) for who and what they are, with the same degree of clarity and zeal that you do.

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