Any of you with melancholy-ish bents understand when I say, “Phew. We made it through Christmas.”

We do try folks. Every year we put up sparkly lights and toast the season, but we only really enjoy the carols in minor keys (A little “Coventry Carol” or “What Child is This” anyone?).

And we let out a sigh of relief because Lent is finally here. The rest of the world will now have to join us on the “dark side” where the sadness and sufferings of life on earth are faced squarely.

There is a certain satisfaction in having you here. A certain, “I told you so” sweetness in our hearts. We will show you all the cold, hard passages in the Bible and make you read the wailing of the prophets and Psalm 88 – the most depressing in the entire Psalter.

We will allow the tiniest pin-pricks of light and hope in. We acknowledge Easter comes at the end of all this – but stay here in the “all this” for a while yet.

Join our chorus of laments and sing our songs in minor keys. Let us enjoy your fellowship where we live.

When we look to the dawn on Easter morning, we will shed tears of joy with you. But for now, shed tears with us for the starving, the suffering, the migrants, the war-torn, the people who may only know relief with Jesus in his other-worldly home.

We solemnly swear, if you will agree with us about all this darkness, we will agree with you, about all that is good and bright – in Jesus’ name.






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