The Assurances

Quad Day

One of the privileges I have as a “Trainer of Women Engaged in Collegiate Ministry” (hee hee, so formal!!!) is helping them figure out what they already know. This semester two young staff gals and I are are sweeping into a pile, sorting, sequencing, and sprucing up their collective “experience” and creating something pass-on-able and useful in their work with students.

For those of you with experience in the Navigators, you know we have acronyms and illustrations for everything – ACTS, PRISM, the BRIDGE (one verse, two verse, pictures only, and “full on”), the WHEEL, LOA, BWC, the HAND (prayer and word), the PIPELINE, STS, STP – to name just a few off the tippy-tippy top of a very long list.

I’m finding that many of our young staff are exposed to these early on, enjoy them, use them, and then morph them into something more fitting their own souls – which is exactly right.

We also internalize the general principals and ideas so deeply, we no longer recognize what catalyst or “tool” helped initiate our long held practices.

While the product is good – relating with the Lord in meaningful, non-formulaic ways –  it can also lead to a degree of insecurity in passing on what we know to the next generation. Everything can begin to feel intuitive and hard to articulate.

So the girls and I are going back and mining the gold that was given to us, recovering the original shapes, pictures, acronyms and formulas that started many of us off in our early years with Jesus.

Our aim is to pass them on in a form that both honors the original message and incorporates where they have taken us. We are going “retro,” and dusting off the “vintage” because it’s good, good, stuff when the light of today shines on it.

I’ll be posting some of what we put together here on the blog. Can I just tell you how much fun I’m having? On Monday the three of us, Beckie, Rachel and I, gathered together after Rachel’s little one had fallen asleep, ate chocolate and shared our thoughts on a classic Navigator pamphlet – Lessons on Assurance.

It’s a 5 week study on the “Assurances” we can have as a follower of Jesus – the assurance that we are saved, that God answers prayer, that we can experience victory over hurts, habits, and hang-ups, that we are forgiven completely, and that God will lead and guide us in life.

Each of us put together a hand-out we could use with a new believer, or an older one who might be served by confirming their journey with the Lord, on that first lesson – “Assurance of Salvation.” WOW. It’s material I’ve used in bits and pieces over the years certainly, but haven’t laid eyes on in over 10 years! With a touch of today and the wisdom of having lived the verses for a while, the three of us had quite a lot to say. Fantastic!

Both girls have several students they can share the material with, who then will have something they can share with other students they are meeting. GENERATIONS!!!

I love my job. Nothing, when it comes right down to it, brings me more joy than seeing someone understand the gospel more fully. I also love that my “office” is sometimes the living room of another dear woman, late at night, babies sleeping upstairs, and chocolate on the coffee table. Precious moments!

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