Do you hear what you’re saying right now…

I was chatting with one of our young staff the other day. She and I were discussing her new season of life – BABY!!!! and some of the options she has for contribution on campus next fall.

She mentioned a couple of girls who had recently reached out to her asking for some time. As she described their needs, they each seemed pretty tangled up in significant issues with boys and parents and boys and boys.

I could totally understand why these girls wanted time with my friend. She’s older, wiser, she’s obviously made some great choices…and she could spend the entirety of next semester untangling their sticky webs. And they would be greatly benefited. And they would be blessed.

But then something dribbled out of my mouth that literally came from the Holy Spirit. I can promise you it did not pass through my brain for even one second because it’s literally the antithesis of what I did all this past year.

“You have so much to offer these gals in terms of life experience, but if that’s what you major on, what happens when the next bump in the road comes – the next boy, the marriage issue, the financial woes? I believe you will make a greater contribution, a more lasting one, if you ask them to check their bags at the door and you spend time with them in the Word and in prayer. Give them all the goods you have there – which are so many. Let them make application where they see fit. Then you can know when that next obstacle comes, they will know how to plow through with the Lord.”

Who said that?


Me, the one who spent the ENTIRE year counseling a few girls through tangley webs and yes, praying and studying the Word, but kinda on the side?

I don’t regret the year. I do believe the Lord was at work and it was a unique season.  But, now that the students are gone and my head is clearing, after wondering if I should just get my masters in counseling and leave staff – I’m back.

I love sharing counsel, but I love to see women learning from the Word and hearing from God even more. Sometimes you have to give a dab of advice, but I don’t think I want my legacy to be wisdom as much as I want my legacy to be more wise women in the world.

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