Exceedingly More

Those of you on Facebook met our new van, Big Red a month or so ago.

big redBig Red was a very reasonable and measured choice – a 2006, a little high on miles because it was a taxi for a while, but also very clean inside since no one (NO KIDS!!!!) had really used the back seats. I detailed it and bought this little baby to keep my butt warm!

heated seat

We drove Big Red to Thanksgiving with my parents and the Monday after that we got a call from my Dad. He’d met Big Red and promptly jumped on Craig’s List to find us another option. Two Saturdays ago he surprised us! He drove down and parked this “other option” in our driveway!


Yes, that is a BMW X5. It’s a 2004 with all the bells and whistles. It is basically the exact opposite of our reasonable and measured Big Red. When I say all the bells and whistles, what I mean is this…

Yesterday I was walking to the car with coffees in my hands and I couldn’t figure out how to open the door. My first thought was, I’m sure there is some kind of button or password for this situation since the car has anticipated every single other possible need I’ve had so far!

To understand this gift, you really need to know my Dad. Dad is an over the top gift giver. He doesn’t think practical, he thinks fun and luxury! He wasn’t counting pennies, he was counting buttons and gadgets and adding up all the hours I would spend driving the kids around in my dream car.

When I get in this car, I feel love!

…love from my parents – who still absolutely know me and what brings me joy!

…love from my hubby – who despite some legitimate concerns, let me keep it!

…and love from God – who I know honors all our frugal ways, but isn’t necessarily so Himself!

It is a little frightening, driving around a BMW when you live on donor support. Of course I worry what people think. Someone suggested I put a sticker on it that says, “This was a gift.” I know there will be people who won’t approve, or who won’t bother to ask about the beautiful story behind it.

And so, I’m telling you here Bloggy World and Facebook World – so I can stop looking sheepish when I drop off the kids at school or pull into the grocery store. It was a gift –  an amazing, luxurious, over the top in every way, gift.

I plan on driving it until everything but the seat I sit in has fallen off of it because when I drive it I feel like this inside…


Thank you Dad!!

2 thoughts on “Exceedingly More

  1. Heidi G. says:

    Sooooo happy for you!! Enjoy it! It looks beautiful and shiny! I imagine the kids are crazy happy as well! Wish I could give you a hug!

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