The blasted credit card reader at the public lot on campus was not working this morning. I stood in the cold trying card after card – I think I even tried a Starbucks gift card on accident. No go. I was already going to have to hightail it over to the Union to make it on time. I decided to risk it. I called the number on the machine to cover my tracks in case I got a ticket. Cold and distracted – I nearly stepped out into traffic.

I raced up the steps without breakfast, too much coffee, and weariness after a night of more like several naps in a row instead of sleep. Two steps at a time now because it’s 7:16. Bible study started at 7:15. One minute late.


Where are these little tears coming from? Is it the cold? Nope. A memory stole into my heart when my face was buried deep in my scarf.

So many years ago a lovely women met me early, SO EARLY, before work to bring me lattes and prayer. I remember she would often be there in my office, waiting. She never scolded me or told me how she’d already made 4 lunches and fed the dog. She didn’t go on and on about whatever arrangements the family had made to get kids to school without her. She was there for me. She listened patiently as I talked on and on about all my “stuff.” She offered her wise and mature perspective and guided me in principals for relating with God more deeply.

There was so much less stuff and more relationship with God when I moved away to marry Ben because of those mornings!

So, little tears on a cold morning – and a reminder to have heart and concern for every student. Good timing as things swing into gear for this second semester. Bible studies and mentoring students and young staff can quickly turn into “obligations” without the work of the Holy Spirit – quietly reminding me of how He’s provided for me.

Thank you to the many who have invested in me! Shaunda, Margery, Susie, Barb, Tina to name a few… I’m a blessed woman!

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