Midstream. You have waded into, you are in the current. 

This is where I am on so many topics.


The Emerging Church




Foster Care

The Vaccination Debate

Gender roles in the Body of Christ


Urban Farming

Sustainable Living

The Food Industry

Sex Trafficking

Local and global poverty

Frugal Living

These areas are deeply interesting to me. These along with 50 others. They draw me in and tell me I need to understand them, each and every one, in order to be effective and fruitful. 

I wade in and read a book or 5 and get stuck midstream, filled with more questions than answers.

I do this because the older the get the more I fear inflexibility – of missing the movement of the Holy Spirit because I’m anchored down – laboring away on some irrelevant project, of dispensing convictions formed in realities long given way, of misrepresenting the Word because I am a curmudgeon who refuses to see youth and change with anything but disdain. 

I love working in a campus culture. I feel a kindred spirit with these amazing students who confidently jump into currents of change and progress and introspection. I see myself jumping in after them, reading with them, looking at culture with them. I just hope and pray I’m not dragging God’s Word behind me.

It belongs with us, filtering every stream as it rushes past, keeping debris from going further, pulling us toward truth, helping us flee what will hold us under and destroy. 

I’m reading the Chronological Bible this year as a way to keep the Word smack in the middle of all the other stuff I’m stuck midstream in. So far, so good. I’m still ahead thanks to my very low key Christmas break. 

On a lighter note, here’s a picture of Ben and I. This is one of the other major perks of working with collegiates. WEDDINGS!!! I ate 3 plates of appetizers at this wedding! Just saying.



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