Dear Libby

**To be printed out on her 18th birthday. 🙂

Dear Libby and Libby’s Mentor, Counselor, (whoever is helping her untangle any childhood wounds)

Today we “let you quit” gymnastics. And guess what – you are talented, you have a lot of potential, and the lady at the desk looked at me like I was a nut case.

You daughter gets invited to an elite gymnastics team and you are “letting her quit?”

We are.

Someday you may find yourself thinking, “If only my parents had pushed me. I could have really excelled!” That is true. And believe me when I tell you it wasn’t any easy decision deciding not to push right now. I can’t tell you how cute you look in your little leo and you just won best beam routine at your first meet.

But honey, the family is spread too thin and you feel it too. Something had to give and I’m thankful it wasn’t our sense of family togetherness. When you said, “Can I take a break,” I saw your tired eyes and heard your soul asking for a simpler season – school, home, church, friends – period.

I felt like such a loser Mom after I pulled you out. I felt like I was disappointing your future self.

Doesn’t every little girl need an expensive gymnastics program to feel healthy and whole??

Seriously. I was thinking that.

Then the Lord whispered – “That is not life. I am life.”

Sweetie, I hope when you read this we’ve pushed the right things. I hope we’ve led well and you feel you’ve been loved and valued and given all the opportunities we can spend our family resources on. Those resources don’t just mean dollars -but our energy, and our precious family time.

I love you!


PS: Gymnastics probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway because I’m pretty sure you’re at least 5′ 9″ and can’t to do the splits to save your life. You get that from me. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dear Libby

  1. This is such a great example of how you can be a great parent. Way to go Jess (and Ben) I’m remembering this for the future stage of busy for our house and kiddos.

  2. Ahhhh. I’m sighing and breathing grace. Thank you, Jess, for stepping out of the competition to be the most “everything” mom and giving others permission to quit striving. Your example to love your daughter more than her accomplishments inspires me to be sure I really see my kids and not their potential. Thank you.

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