Inspiration in Strange Places

We are a few months into our “Puppy Adventure.” I think we are doing pretty well with our stats – 85% snuggles and cuddles and real puppy love, 10% potty training and chewing trauma, 5% this is occasionally a real inconvenience.

Chief is a little complicated. His mom got very sick when he was just 3 weeks old and had to be isolated from even her pups. Chief had a “foster” mom, but this early bump in the road may be part of reason he is a bit of a scaredy cat/dog. He just thinks the world is out to get him.

Besides that unique quality – which I love him all the more for – he is so dang predictable. Give him food – he eats it and poops a few hours later. Give him a walk and he walks in the door and falls asleep. Give him love and he wags his tail and puts his head between your legs, his version of a hug. Simply put, good stuff in, good stuff out, (except the poop part, but you get my meaning.)

Children are so much more complicated. The good stuff in = good stuff out equation is littered with variables. It’s more like the best we can do despite our own complicated issues in + prayer (God’s plan)(child’s personality)/circumstances and resources = some outcome we hope is good or at least redeemable.

I want my children to behave more like my puppy. I want them to always want my cookie. I want their mistakes to be easy to clean up. I want to see progress proportional to my effort. I want them to greet me wagging their tales and jumping into my arms.

These are the things I think about when I’m teaching Chief “shake.” What a crazy, right? Somehow though, it’s working itself all out into some better parenting and perspective.

So, inspiration in strange places. God can use whatever means he wants to teach me and this one is pretty cute. I’ll take it.


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