Lots of people I know say Fall is their favorite season. Not mine. Never. Uh-uh. Fall is about transition and death and holing up for the winter. It means the start of being cold, basically until June. It means admitting I never lost my winter weight having my summer fun and now its too late. It means saying goodbye to cheap fruit and hello to lots of apples and bananas.

I remember one fall, as a kid, stumbling across a picture of my mom. She was 12 or 13, dressed in a ballet leotard, posing for a camera. It was some kind of studio portrait. I was all, “MOM??? My hippy mom is wearing something FORM FITTING?? You were a DANCER??” Obviously I had no idea. The mom I knew had her hair spikey, and wore baggy t-shirts with cats playing rock and roll on them. Mmmmm…what else don’t I know about her I wondered?

Another fall she gave me one of her bibles. I was all, “MOM???? You studied the BIBLE??? You UNDERLINED things?” The mom I knew was so private about her faith I wondered if she’d thought about it anytime in the last 20 years, and here was proof she’d been thinking about it and studying it all along! Mmmmmm…what else don’t I know about her?

One fall we drove up to see the chicken coop my grandfather had remodeled into a home! I was all, “MOM!!! Grandpa remodeled a CHICKEN COOP and you LIVED IN IT???”

And you know…so many other discoveries along the way. Both my parents are fascinating people and have great stories of rich childhoods filled with adventure, misadventure, trials, talents, and travels. (I just found out my dad rode a horse to high-school…tied it up outside of St. Francis Catholic High-school everyday. Crazy!)

Anyway, I want to use some of this fall to paint a few pictures for my own kiddos to discover some day. A few stories have been rumbling around in my mind and I’m looking forward to putting them down here. Look for stories about Sally the Fox, Toilet Paper Misadventures, Jockey statues and garter snakes, and I might even write about the Thriller Album and nightgowns!

Which one you wanna hear first?








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