Vacation Revelations

Our family is just back from vacation. We spent a wonderful week (20 minutes of rain the entire time!) on St. George Island (in Florida) with Ben’s parents and sister and her kiddos. The basic routine was…

  • wake up – whenever you feel like it, or whenever the sand in the sheets becomes annoying
  • watch cable – because this is SO FUN for our totally uncool cable-free family
  • apply sunscreen – this takes 45 minutes because my children can not apply it to themselves ANYWHERE (note to self – teach them this important life skill before college)
  • play in the waves for 2 hours – because that’s half an hour longer than the sunscreen lasts
  • sometimes just watch your hunky hubby play in the waves with the kids while you read a fascinating combination of children’s lit and Roman history
  • eat – thank you Gama and Papa for cooking all the meals
  • watch cable again – especially enjoy special on Man-Eating-Super-Squid and finding Sasquatch stuff
  • apply sunscreen, 2 hours on the beach, eat, watch cable, bed – REPEAT.


Did you know Ben and I were married on St. George Island? Well, actually we were married in Apalachicola because the day of, the wind was so loud we thought it was smart to go bay-side instead of yelling our vows to each other with a megaphone.


We exchanged vows right where our kiddos are standing.

After re-creating me popping out from behind a bush to walk down the isle, and grossing our kids out by holding hands and saying stuff like “I’d choose you again,” we took a walk down to the water to try and catch some breeze. Unlike our December wedding where it was a chilly 52 degrees, it was 111 or something and we were getting toasty.


I am secretly (OK, totally not so secretly) jealous of my daughter’s hair. So pretty!

Haven turned 11 while we were on the trip. She is such a lovely young lady and I couldn’t help but think – maybe she’ll get married here too! (No pressure Babe. OK, just a little pressure. Nostalgia is fun sweetie!!)

The kids tried raw oysters in honor of my Dad who loves them and spent the weekend of my wedding trying every local establishment’s offerings.



Towards the end of our time we shared the beach with a large group of college peeps. They were having a grand time – helped along a bit by warm beer and bikini clad young ladies.

I watched them scamper in the waves, giggle, splash and I felt every emotion under that gorgeous sun.

I felt jealous because they were young and so beautifully care-free.

I felt insecure because their bodies had so much energy and resilience and I was caked with 1000 spf sunscreen trying to stop my age spots from making my face look like a dot-to-dot and when I shop for a swimming suit I look for things like “support,” “tummy tightening,” and “coverage”.

I felt drawn to them because even though they were strangers, the “collegiate ministry thing” kicked in and I felt like I knew them a little.

I felt terrified for them, because the “collegiate ministry thing” kicked in and I wondered what might happen that evening after a day of drinking on the beach.

I felt protective of the gals and wondered how much it would cost to purchase pepper-spray for each of them.

Finally, I felt grateful.


This is a sweet season of life and I wouldn’t trade it.

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