Survival Tips

Here are just a few solid gold tips I’ve picked up over the years of having kids at home for summer break.

1. Be flexible. When your kiddos want ham and cheese and the only kind of cheese you have in “string,” go for it!

2. Be inflexible (about daytime TV that is). After surviving all school year without Kelly Ripa, don’t succumb to her charming ways now. Fight the good fight. (No offence Kelly Ripa.)

What are your summer survival tips friends?? 

One thought on “Survival Tips

  1. Kristin says:

    Jess, I’m catching up on blog posts! I do things in spurts. 🙂 Our best summer survival strategy of recent years has been Think-Work-Rest. M/W/F are Thinking Days: we do some academic stuff, read books, do some household admin, etc. T/Th/Sa we work: clean, wash, scrub, repair, etc. (sometimes just household stuff, sometimes big summer projects). Sunday we chill and do what we want. It has proved to be a great set up for us. If the kids gripe about doing a project, I can tell them that they can go back to their treasured book tomorrow. (Truthfully, they will probably read that evening anyway!) And I can tell myself the same thing when I can’t stop thinking about that pile of papers on my desk long enough to scrub that disgusting toilet. Or the other way around. Anywho, that’s what we’ll be doing, with plenty of family fun squeezed into our evenings!

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