We are moving like snails around here since school got out. Each morning the kids have a short list of things to do. Here’s an example just so you know I’m for realz about this list being short.

Take your polly pockets out of the tub.
Do 10 min. addition facts on computer.
Throw your laundry in the hall.

Libs could get this done in 11 minutes, but it will probably take her all day. The other two are the same. Here’s Haven’s list.

Throw laundry in the hall
Clean off bathroom counter
Do 10 minutes mult. facts on computer

Same deal. It’s gonna take ALL day for me to see the top of that counter.

I’m trying not to mind. I admit it. I am an efficiency monster. What could be done in 11 minutes should be done in 10.5 in my book, but I’m working against this tendency because IT’S SUMMER and I think I wrote some blog post about not managing the kiddos as much, encouraging them to have fun, bla, bla, bla.

So,here we are. No multiplication facts reviewed – BUT… 

The kids did practice new magic tricks this morning for a few HOURS and gave me a little show including Libby being levitated. Seriously. Very funny. I pretended not to see her actually standing up behind a sheet with her arms stretched out wearing shoes on her hands because, IT’S SUMMER and I think I also wrote about being OK with messes (sheet still in dining room) and adventure (one trick included lots of very sharp toothpicks).

This pace is hard for me, but I think I need it too. Here’s to some summer slow-down!

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