Couldn’t Capture It

The kids and I spent the weekend at Spring Hill Camp visiting Ben and the Summer Training Program participants in southern Indiana. We had such a nice time. I didn’t take any pictures.

Here are a few captions for the pictures I didn’t take.

…Haven and I leaning over a white fence trying to convince the horses to come and visit us.

…the kids catching minnows on the beach.

…petting the barn kitty.

…Tim killing everybody at Octaball.

…the kids being loved on by college students who have way more tolerance for piggy back rides than I do.

…3 kids in 3 kayaks enjoying the lake.

One of the things I love about camp is the chance to give the kids their freedom. For the most part they can go where they want to and do what they want to without me. Even the couple of things they need me for I can give them space and just watch from a distance. They love it. The chance to be independent and adventurous gives them so much joy and confidence.

I love watching them tear down to the beach to make minnow traps. I love floating on the lake in my canoe watching them tear around in kayaks. I love that they eat their meals in the dining hall with favorite students. I have no idea if they ate anything besides dessert most times, but that’s OK.

I have no idea how to replicate that kind of freedom at home in our neighborhood, but that’s one of my goals for the summer. They need opportunities for exploration and adventure and initiative and risk-taking. They don’t need me hovering and managing. They need some of that, but less – way less than during the school year.

Here’s to scrapes and bruises, sunburns and messes, projects and forts! Here’s to freedom and fun and me texting to check on them MINIMALLY. 🙂

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