It’s been a big few days for Tim…



Elementary Awards Ceremony! 



Post awards ceremony “Catch People Unawares” photo shoot.



Field Day! 


It was a little cold and rainy but that didn’t stop anyone. I was in charge of the water balloon station. 



Afterwards the kids came back to the classroom to sign their class t-shirts. 



Tim tried to slink out the door without hugging his teacher goodbye, but she caught him. 🙂 He’s had such a wonderful experience at his new school! He transferred in the middle of the school year, but you would never know it – he fit right in!

All this go-go-go left someone feeling a little wiped this afternoon. 



I took this picture 1.5 hours ago. He’s STILL sacked out on the couch. 

We leave tomorrow for Spring Hill to visit Ben and enjoy a weekend together. Ben has one more week at STP, but I feel like we are nearing the finish line. The kids and I will come back on Tuesday because our community summer swim team starts up. 2/3 of the kids are excited and 1/3 are NOT. (Libs isn’t thrilled with the idea!)

Have a great weekend everyone!

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