Reminders to myself

Does anyone else send reminder emails to themselves? I do. At night, I make a list of what I need to do and send it to myself because I can’t be sure I’ll remember anything these days. When I was young and spry I would rearrange the rings on my fingers at night if I thought of something. In the morning I would see the rings and remember. Now I see the rings and feel bothered all day because I have no idea what I was thinking of. 



Besides, the only ring I wear now I got from this guy and it doesn’t fit on any other finger. I got see Ben on Monday night. He has driven home from Seymour, IN for our Foster Care classes twice now – returning that same night late, after the class. 

We may be sending some weird signals to our Foster Care class. We come in separate cars, we look a little weary and sad during the class, and we kiss goodbye in the parking lot and drive away in different directions. 

Yesterday I didn’t post because we spent our every free moment playing with our new favorite dog, Maizy.



After taking a nice long walk with a friend, Rachel, the girls and I headed over to visit with Maizy. It’s been fun to learn her little ways. Yesterday she got up from the massage the girls were giving her and starting barking and making for the back door. What could THAT mean? We were puzzled.

She lept out the back door and it looked like she thought there might be an intruder in the back yard. She was pacing and barking and then…

She pooped and smiled. 

I guess she was just letting everyone in the neighborhood know it wasn’t the right time to come over and visit. 

We are counting down the days until we leave to join Ben for the weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

One thought on “Reminders to myself

  1. Do you have a smart phone? I have a calendar app that sends me reminders. EVERYTHING goes in there. “Replace contacts” “Buy chocolate chips” “Make cookies” “Take cookies to school” 🙂

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