Big Day


Yesterday was Recognition Night for the Co-op Haven participated in this year. She picked this outfit out herself. Didn’t she do a nice job?


Sadly, Libby’s Spring Gymnastics Show was at the exact same time! So, Haven sat with another family during her Recognition night. That choked me up a little.


Here’s Libby at the end of her show! Each girl got a moment on the podium. It was cute. Right before this, the older, competitive gymnasts came out and performed for us. They were really good. The budget conscience parent in me couldn’t help thinking sarcastically…

“Look, for just 40 easy payments of $1,099.99 you too can see your daughters in sequence leotards flying across the room.”


Libs did a fantastic job on her skills and I was super proud of her. She was poised and focused! I am so in awe of her little muscles.


Where was Tim during all of this??? He was my faithful companion – helping me pick out flowers and cards for the girls, carrying in the cheese platters for the co-op, practicing for his 50 states quiz in a hot and sweaty gym. Couldn’t have done it without you Buddy!

Happy Monday everyone!

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