Therapy Dog

Well, it finally happened. We all kind of cracked up after our drive home from the Burbs and there were several minutes of very ugly behavior by all. There were a few blood curdling screams, one slammed door, and a brief shouting match across the house. It was 4 minutes of insanity and at the end we were all angry.

I put the kiddos to bed, but Haven and I had to wait up to take care of a dog for a friend. The other two were too tired and too angry to fall asleep as planned, so at 10:15 pm we all slunk into the van, humphing, and sighing, and squinted our eyes are each other.

Then we opened the front door and Maisy the dog came scooting around the corner – so happy to see us. I’d never met Maisy before so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I knew she was a sweet dog right away. After we let her out to do her “business” we brought her back in and loved on her a little.

Before I knew it I was on the floor with her head in my lap and my face in her fur. I let out one little self-pity sob and one tiny mommy regret sob. Maisy took it all in stride and when I lifted my head up to look into her big brown eyes, all my anger was gone – along with everyone else’s.

Apologies and hugs all around. Kids slept well. Thank you Maisy – my little therapy dog. You really saved the day.

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