I grew up in Wheaton, IL. Every now and again we’d walk around Geneva, IL because Geneva had a few cute shops located in beautiful, remodeled, historic homes – The Little Traveler being one of my favorites. It was so interesting to walk through the front door of what used to be someones home and snoop around a store. 

Today the kids and I drove up to St. Charles to see my parents. Dad took us to Graham’s Fine Chocolate and Ice cream shop in Geneva. I couldn’t believe how many more “cute shops in historic homes” had opened up in Geneva. We stood in line behind a lady dressed up as a steam-punk fairy. She was handing out her business cards to children – maybe she does birthday parties? 

When we walked out of the shop a vintage Jaguar from the 40’s slid into a parking spot. It was cream and a convertible. Wowza!  A stylish couple parked for a moment and purchased $100’s of dollars worth of hydrangea plants and drove off into the sunset. That’s Geneva for you. Steam punk fairies and Jags. 

We headed down to the river where the normal people were and walked along the path. 



That’s my dad leading the charge. Mom and I stayed behind and chatted about random stuff.  

We stopped and looked at a few ducks.


Of course, we weren’t there for 1 minute before Tim and Libby found a gigantic worm. We decided to give it to some Polish fisherman we saw next to the river. I think they were Polish. Dad said they were Polish and when he said “Goodbye” he sounded Polish himself. It was cute.



Then my Mom and Dad loaded us up with all the goodies we could carry – chocolates, gummy bears, pistachios, friendship bracelet making supplies, I Tunes gift cards, etc. They always send us home feeling good. 

As soon as we pulled in the driveway I started pulling up another bush. I’m addicted. I really should not have done that though. I was a little dehydrated and tired. I guess more than a little because when I went to stand up and go to the garage I kind of swayed a little and had to lay down for a while in the grass. The kiddos almost found their mother passed out under the lilac bush. 

Thankfully, the grass had been freshly mowed by a very thoughtful family, and the smell kinda of brought me around. I laid there for a minute and was OK! 

Tomorrow is neck-scrubbing day around here. I have really failed as a parent in this area. Each of my kids has a dirty, yucky, neck. GROSS. Maybe I’ll post some before and after shots. Ha Ha!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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