Sweets and Funnies

I got a sweet text from Haven late last night. She was a smidgen homesick and wanted to chat about the day. In typical Bridge (my maiden name) fashion – I exaggerated a few stories from the day until they were hilarious enough to relieve the homesickness. That was a sweet.

Today has been so quiet. Tim is at school. Ben is at STP. Haven is at her bestie’s house. It was just Libs and me and Kitty. We went flip-flop shopping and then to the library. Aren’t these sweet and so Libby? Definitely sweet.


I tried my best to get a copy of The Goonies to watch tonight with Tim and Libby but they were all out at the Library. I got Escape to Witch Mountain instead which looks very 70-ish, which may make it funny.

Libby checked out 9 books on different cat breeds. This afternoon she told me all about Scottish Folds and Toyger Cats. Another sweet!

I am one form away from ready to submit one of our Foster Care Packets – marriage licence. Could not find it ANYWHERE!!! I did find a whole lot of sweet notes and letters from friends from way back and I was so overwhelmed by how loved I’ve been. Not that I am so love-able, but that God has provided so many loving people in my life over the years. I’m spoiled! Another sweet.

Then I noticed I’d received this in the mail.



This is from my dentist located in the flattest part of central IL. Um? Mountains? What in the world? Maybe it’s just me, but this totally cracked me up. Funny!

I will probably break my everyday-blogging-streak tomorrow since I’m going to visit my parents in St. Charles – but I will take some pics! Thanks for stopping in!

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