We finished yesterday up with a trip to the barn to show our friends where Haven wishes she lived. πŸ™‚ Several world champion Saddlebred and Morgans live and train there and this is one of them. This one is HUGE. I mean HUGE – but at the same time dainty and fancy. I know – crazy!!


After the barn we went to the creek. Can you tell the kids are sunburned and exhausted after another late night whispering and another day of non stop trampoline? Me neither!


Tim finally got a chance to put his remote control all-terrain vehicle to the test. This Christmas present was a major score from the Grandparents. He gave it two big thumbs up for its creek-bed performance!


This morning Haven and her bestie hatched a crazy plan for Haven to go back up to Sycamore with her friend for a few more days together. It took a little bit of moving heaven and earth – but this friendship is really one of those couple-in-a-lifetime kinds, so both my friend and I felt like it was worth moving a little heaven and earth. So off she went for a few days, Math books and other Homeschooling supplies in-tow.

Everyone was feeling a little discombobulated after she left. Especially Libby who suddenly lost her best pal and was looking at a few lonely days. Thankfully Kitty was there to comfort her.


I was feeling discombobulated too which led to some very haphazard bush removal in Mary Janes. I’m sure my neighbors are really wondering what I have planned for the front yard. I pull out a bush, plant nothing in it’s place, but I do put some Petunias in my pots? I also have no idea what to do with all the branches and root balls I’m accumulating, so the garage is filled with bins and bags filled with stuff.

I scratched the fire out of myself tonight pulling an especially ugly sprawling-all-over-the universe bush. This only added to my discombobulated look as the bruises from the console removal project came in nice and blue.

Oh well. I am looking rough but feeling so good. The visit with my friend was precious. The kids had a blast. Friends have been there to help me take kids, pick up kids, watch kids, and come to my aid as my last-minute-planner issues arise with no hubby to come to my rescue.

I’m still working my way through Romans 4 with Beth Moore and feeling so ashamed for lumping her in with Gwen Shamblin. Ms. Shamblin did some CRAZY video/bible study series back in the day and I kind of lumped all women with book/video/keychain/bookmark gigs into the same boat.

Beth Moore doesn’t belong there. Sorry Beth Moore, wherever you are.

See you back here tomorrow if you get a chance!!

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