DIY and stuff



In the midst of tearing up overgrown shrubbery, I needed to see something pretty so yesterday we did some planters.



I’m not sure why I said, “We,” since the kiddos were off doing this…



and going off on bikes without telling anyone! Needless to say I was not as happy as they expected when they told me about their adventures at the Pizza place a few blocks away. AUGH!!!

This morning, I decided to take out the console in our van. I’ve always hated it and it was totally GROSS. After a wrestling match with the socket set and 7 bruises later I had this…



and this…



I hope it’s worth it since now I have very pale arms AND bruises all over them. All I can say is there was so much junk in between that thing and the seats we could have survived for weeks stranded somewhere. YUCKY. SHAME. GROSS.

That’s all for today!! See you back here tomorrow!

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