Before the Crash

Mother’s Day was spent finishing Science projects and having a super fun dinner with our neighbor friends. We really hit the jackpot when we moved so close to another family with kids who like our kids and vice versa. Our houses are connected by our churches parking lot and green space, so basically all the kids have both our yards plus acres of grass and blacktop to play on – plus 2 tramps, like 10 bikes between families, etc. 

After church and before dinner with our pals, we made cake pops. Then we dropped the cake pops on the floor.



We also dropped lots of cake bits and speared frosting everywhere by the time we were done. I know you’re wondering if we ate the cake pops pictures above. Of course we did!! Cat hair and all. I know… GROSS!!!

I’m a spring allergy person so the last few days have been tough. So tough that this morning, despite being on a fake Clariton, I took some fake Benadryl and slathered Mentholatum all over my face. 



I started collecting laundry and suddenly, I was lying on my son’s bed watching the dust on the window screen. Guess that Benadryl kicked in. Kitty was waiting for me to get up and get going.



I figured I better update the blog before the allergy med crash comes. 

Tomorrow some dear friends from Sycamore are coming for a visit! We want to get some flowers planted and food purchased before they come. I hope my body can fight off the drowsiness! 

Hope you had a fantastic Mother’s Day. 


Your fog-brained friend

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