Farmers Market and Mowing Tips






We started our Saturday at the Farmer’s Market. I never pass up an opportunity to be outside and eat danish. First we did our loop and investigated our options and guess who we saw? REGAP! Retired Greyhounds As Pets! 

We are seriously considering adopting a greyhound in August and we’ve gone to a couple of our local REGAP events to meet dogs and find out about the breed. We were so excited to see Popeye, our REGAP representative and give him some love. 

But, we did have some danish to find and boy did we!



They were so big and yummy we had to sit down and listen to some basanova music while we ate them. After the Farmer’s Market we came home and I mowed the grass. 



Mowing brought back wonderful memories of mowing my childhood lawn (nearly 2 acres!) without a tractor and how great my attitude about that was each and every Saturday – NOT. 

There aren’t many ways to teach kids about hard work in the Burbs and so I’m thankful now for Saturdays spent cleaning out the garage, mowing, and hauling in groceries. Thanks Mom and Dad. I like mowing now. 🙂



An important mowing tip for you… Make sure you clear the Barbie Carnage from the “Throw the Barbies around while Jumping on the Trampoline” game before you mow. Dismembered Barbies are gross. 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

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