One of the things I learned early on about parenting solo is to keep everything running as close to normal as possible. The times I’ve slipped into eating scrambled eggs and peanuts for days on end or let the house go completely wacko have really only left me feeling crappy.

So Friday was pretty much normal around here. Drop off Tim, do homeschool and laundry, pick up Tim from school and make a mad dash over to pick up a kid, drop off a phone, and take Libby to her gymnastics class.


Popcorn and smoothies for dinner and a movie and since it was still daylight – lots of trampoline fun including the new game “Throw the Barbies in the air while you jump on the Trampoline and try and get their heads to fly off.” I thought they were NUTS until I remembered tying my own Barbies to my friend’s ceiling fan.

Tim worked on his diorama for science class. I really do not like these projects because every parent goes to Hobby Lobby and forks out the bucks for all the cool supplies and even though I know the teacher does not want every parent to do that, every parent does, including this parent. Caving to peer pressure at 38 is embarrassing.


What do you think of this face???

Anyway, there are two nighttime routine changes that will definitely not survive when Ben comes home.


Yah. Going to bed when the kids do with a little plate of milk and cookies probably isn’t going to fly.

There’s also this…


Kitty likes to hang with me while I read at night and then sleep in Ben’s spot all night and then give me kitty kisses in the morning. Your days are numbered sweet kitty. Mr. Dager does not appreciate kitties as much as I do.

Bye for now!!

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