Sharks vs. Mermaids

Being the extroverted and spontaneous parent that I am (NOT) Libs and I invited a friend we hadn’t seen in a little while over for the afternoon. They had such a great time and with all three kids occupied, I got some good work done. Win Win!

I wish I’d gotten a picture of the epic battle – Sharks vs. Mermaid Barbies that occurred all over the house. Picture little girls with flying Barbies leaping over couches to escape invisible sharks. Too funny. Libs was absolutely toast by evening.

One of our good friends here is a Math professor at the University and invited us to an event called Geo Jam – an evening full of Math Games and Prizes.


No surprises – Tim spent the entire time building something breathtakingly interesting and complex and I was not proud at all. (Wink Wink Wink – I only dragged a few (or several) people over to see it!


Libby enjoyed the games and seeing a few other friends. These are friends she sees a few times a week so I think she felt free to be exhausted and let them lead her all over.


Haven spent the entire time working SO hard on a design to enter in a competition – but then they ended up picking the winners RANDOMLY!! Oh well – drawing with a friend is never time wasted.

I stood in the middle of the room with a friend and chatted and then ate cookies. Another Win-Win!

I miss Ben and am reminded how much I rely on him to build me up, call me out when I’m being dumb, and bring perspective to life. It’s a faith building exercise to seek these things out from the Lord and not Classic Coke and cookies!

See you here tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Sharks vs. Mermaids

  1. Adam Poetzel says:

    Thanks for coming to GeoJam Jess! it was great to have your family there. Tell Tim his structure looks really cool! (Adam)

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