Triumph and Misfortune

The weather was so lovely here yesterday and my desire to finish ripping out everything growing besides grass in the front of our house kicked into hyper-drive. The landscaping is so overgrown and bushy and yucky and anyway – Ben and I have been pulling and digging and uprooting for weeks. There is still SO much to do, but Libs and I conquered 2 fence posts yesterday.


Libs was so proud and cheered me on as I went round and round and round and round and round and round each fence post with my shovel until they came free. 

I was proud too – but as you can see – WORN OUT!!


After our “botony” and “horticulture” lessons, we picked up Tim from school and headed out to the barn for Haven’s riding lesson. The barn is a little oasis in our week. There are animals everywhere and so we “accidentally” got there early and spread out a blanket outside. We scratched each and every dog and then visited a few of our favorite horses. 


While I was watching Haven, the monkeys took this hilarious self-portrait. 


What’s funny is their expressions are on the wrong faces – Tim is the “cool” cat and Libs is the warm fuzzy in this family. How strange.

This morning was rainy so I took the opportunity to clean out the fish bowl. That’s where the misfortune part comes in. I have painstakingly cared for 2 Walmart goldfish going on 5 months now. I have cleaned their little bowl twice a week and lovingly fed them – sprinkling the flakes right above their eager faces. Today, while rushing to pour out some fish-poopy water, one fell out into the garbage disposal. 

What to do???? Do I stick my hand down there and try and get him out? Do I do a mercy kill and turn the garbage disposal on? He ended up going down the drain before I could decide.

Bye Freckles. I’ll always remember your puckered fish lips and how your name is actually Pebbles but for some reason I could never remember that. 

More adventures (and hopefully no more misfortune) here tomorrow!

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