Ben’s asked me to keep up the blog more regularly while he’s gone. I think it’s a much better place for me to express how we are doing since my phone skills are pathetic. It’s pretty bad when you can’t connect with your own husband on a cell.

So, here we go.

Ben left today and I immediately employed two 100% trustworthy standbys for stressful times.


Comfort food – in this case the second half of my Chipotle burrito from yesterday and…


a chilled Classic Coke. Soda is a splurge item for me due to cost and calories, but it’s a real go-to item when Ben’s away. Coke is rational, calm, and helpful in a soda kind of way.

I also sat down with a sweet new comfort item…


I admit it. I have been a Beth Moore snob in the past. Anything a lot of people are doing, I typically don’t do and she’s been pretty popular for a while. In this case, I was really missing out. I didn’t buy the videos to go with this study because I’m too cheap, but the study itself has been refreshing.

What a gift to open her book each day and let her lead and teach. It’s just what I need at the end of the semester – at the beginning of a short season without my hunky hubby.

There you have it! See you back here tomorrow?

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