That which does not exist

Romans 4:17 says God gives life to the dead and calls into being that which does not exist. I’m seriously considering writing this on my arm with a sharpie. Would that be strange? It might make volunteering at field day awkward, and then there’s Foster Care Class on Monday. OK. NO sharpie.

The problem is, I really need something that does not exist – the emotional stamina and patience to parent my children solo for a few weeks. Ben is leading a Summer Training Program while the kids and I finish up the school year back at home and his departure date is fast approaching.

We’ve played this gig before and I readily agreed he should lead this program when the opportunity came up. I am super supportive of him going, but I’m also super supportive of him accidentally needing to stay home to have his gall bladder taken out.

There is something stabilizing about Ben’s presence. He’s so rational and calm and helpful. I like rational and calm and helpful.

I’m afraid of extended periods without rational and calm and helpful because opposites attract you know, which means my kids have three weeks of THAT to look forward to.

If you happen to be rational and calm and helpful, would you consider visiting me in May? Or, join me in my prayer for “that which does not exist?”



2 thoughts on “That which does not exist

  1. Katie says:

    I’m not rational, calm or very helpful right now. But I’ll be around. Tryign to think of a way to help! I can’t imagine how hard this will be on all of you!! THANKS for serving in this way. I admire you!

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