Cracked Up

I have a secret. I wasn’t going to tell anyone because for a few days this felt like very personal and humiliating information, but now it’s funny.

On Monday morning I walked out of the house in my slippers (first mistake) to mail a letter. Then I fell. On my butt. Very hard. And broke my tailbone.

I can’t tell you how much pain I’ve been in. I’ve tried so hard to hide it because I didn’t want anyone to ask me about it. I’ve been shuffling around, crawling up the stairs, and standing up mostly all of the time. Sitting is, well, not fun.

Now that I’m over how embarrassing this all is, now it’s hilarious to me (when I’m not shrieking in agony.)  Suddenly everything to do with butts and bottoms is very funny.

And now for a little word of advice. Don’t walk to the mailbox in your slippers and in the event of a cracked tailbone – take 4 Advil, not 3!

4 thoughts on “Cracked Up

  1. Ah man…what a bummer. I’m glad you can laugh at yourself, though. Are you carrying around a blow up plastic donut to sit on? If you are I can laugh a bit at that 🙂 Heal quickly friend!

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