White Blankies

When Tim was a little guy he dragged around a white blankie my mom lovingly crocheted. It was the answer to every question. Tired? White blankie. Sad? White blankie. Boo-Boo? White blankie.

One wonderful aspect of parenting babies and toddlers and littler people is how easy it is to soothe their troubles. Cookies, hugs, chicken nuggets, yogurt with blueberries, stuffed animals, soft blankies, PBS – POOF – tears all gone, wounds all healed, perfect balance restored.

As the kids get older, my role as “Pain Remover” is fading. Their troubles are more complex, more their own to survive and thrive in. I know this is part of it. This is how they get to know God and His role in their journeys. This is how they gain the strength needed for even more responsibility and strain (and valuable work and selfless love and all the good things too).

I know that. But the ability to bring my household into balance by nightfall – I miss that. Going to bed knowing kids are not all the way better – that’s hard.

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