I (think) I can see a little farther than you…

We broke the news to our kids today – we are changing up their school situations. Tim and Libby will both leave public school – Tim bound for a great private school option and Libs is coming home to study with Haven.

There were some tears and frustrated feelings expressed. The peace lover in me has been backing away from this decision ever since we made it since it’s rocking everyone’s little boats – including mine.

In the end we had to ask them to trust that we could see a little farther down the road than they can right now.

Among many blessings we’ve experienced with this move, one has been the opportunity to see where our family weaknesses are. Like most of us, there are some areas we have chosen to manage rather than conquer or simply neglected as we’ve climbed other mountains. Each of us has expressed the stress of our transition in different ways and each one of us need some areas addressed.

One area I want to improve in is leading out strongly with the kids. I tend to gather information about their preferences and try to create plans that make everyone happy. Maybe that’s OK when its McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s we’re dealing with, but figuring out the best educational experience – not such a great method.

On a deeper level, this change specifically is one way I’m trusting the Lord with the kids. We’ve surveyed the land, the spies have brought back a good report and despite the giants, we are going in! I am leading out despite the groaning behind me (and believe me there is some serious moaning and groaning going on around here!)! Local peeps, if I look like a deer in headlights next time you see me, you’ll know why.

One thought on “I (think) I can see a little farther than you…

  1. I know it’s hard to make these decisions, but I hope they will come to see the perspective you have at some point…and soon! Here’s to making hard, but good choices!

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