Kid News

On a more personal note, here’s a little Dager News.

I was sharing with a friend the other day that I gauge how far along we are in our “transition” by asking myself, “If Ben died tonight, would I stay here or go back?” The kids would all still unanimously say, “GO BACK!!!” – but I think we are slowing figuring out our new home.

Haven has really turned a corner after a difficult summer of tears and sleepless nights. I am very surprised by how much we both love homeschooling. She is involved in two co-ops which provide some fun friend time, and some great educational support for me. 



Here she is at her sewing class. She is still praying for some good friends and a dog, but seems content for now with some budding relationships and her kitty, Tater Tot.

Tim was doing great over the summer, but recently hit a wall. It’s been very difficult for him to adjust to his new school. We are considering some other options for him after a recent meeting with his teacher. She reassured us that he is doing fine, but often seems bored and distant. (So, guess who cried at yet another parent teacher conference!!!) 


The new school we have found will be WONDERFUL, but involves yet another transition – not his favorite. Please keep him in your prayers as we will probably move him at the semester.



Libs is still hilarious and sweet. She recently decided to befriend a girl with Autism in her grade. She initiated a meeting with the special ed. teacher and expressed her desire to be Kara’s friend and asked how she could do that. It was so sweet! Now she goes into Kara’s classroom a few times a week and plays with Kara on the playground at recess. Kara can not speak, but uses a few signs which Libby is learning. It’s awesome to watch!



And finally, meet Tater Tot!



He is the love of all our lives. 🙂 

One thought on “Kid News

  1. Ness says:

    Um. Do you have any idea how awesome you must be to have a kid who wants to learn how to be a good friend to a girl with autism? She could have an amazing career ahead of her…. I’m all warm fuzzies here.

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