Life Buoys

A few days ago I was super bogged down with pesky anxieties…

…I don’t have any food coloring for Libby’s birthday cake…

…the kids are so bored…

…Haven’s writing curriculum is too easy…

Subconsciously I was waiting for Ben to rise up and read my mind and solve my problems and when he didn’t by 5 pm, I was pretty worked up.

In a huff, I got into the car to pick up the food coloring. Right before I put the pedal to the metal to burn irritated rubber out of the driveway, I saw a new neighborhood friend walking up. She was coming by to see if the kids wanted to come over and play.

We got to talking about how homeschooling was going, and she mentioned as a more tenured homeschooling mom and former writing instructor, she had some materials she could let me borrow.

After a great conversation, I mentioned I was on my way out to buy food coloring and of course, she graciously offered me hers.

You know, that’s just how life has been these past few weeks. God has seen my needs and met them just at the right time in the right way – and usually after I’ve fatalistically decided to be miserable.

Another sweet example came yesterday. One of our family goals for the year is to attend an informative adoption seminar. I have checked our state and every surrounding state and have not been able to find one that fits. Yesterday I found one in Indiana – about 2.5 hours away but the cost of the traveling and hotel and figuring out the childcare was overwhelming me.

Last night I picked up the bulletin from church and realized the church in our back yard is hosting a seminar in a few weeks. It’s free, childcare is provided, its 50 feet away, and the date works.

You know, one of my core fears is that the Lord does not care about the details in my life. I struggle to ask Him for help in areas I consider my domain. I fear the disappointment our doubt that might surface if He doesn’t answer.

I think the Lord might be trying to teach me something – don’t you?

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