Two funny moments from this past week need to make it on the blog if only for the kids sake…

Libs and Tim are hanging tough at their new school. A few days ago Libs shared with me her plan to handle the “bullies” in the classroom. She and a friend have hatched a detailed plan in which they join the bullies as secret undercover operatives. Once they are “in” they will help the bullies become Christians.

When I asked her how the bullies can become believers she laid out a truly classic Navigator response…we’ll read a chapter in the Bible each day together and talk about it until they love Jesus!

Our second family moment was similarly classic. Tim is interested in breakdancing right now (thanks in part to the hardwood floors in the kitchen!) A few days ago he asked me if I knew how to do the worm. Before I knew it, I was telling him I not only knew how to do it, I could do it for him right then and there.

You know, I really thought I could do it. My body was telling me it remembered how. I could even picture myself doing it. Needless to say, I COULD NOT DO IT! NOT EVEN CLOSE! My bottom would absolutely not cooperate.

We googled it instead. 🙂

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