Glorious Power

My kids are great, and flexible, resilient, healthy, fun, thoughtful, sensitive…but right now, on some levels, they are hurting, and missing, and fretting. The first week of school definitely had its hills and valleys – more than usual, which is probably normal when new schools are factored in.

Our new little kitty, Tater Tot, helps. Baking lots of goodies helps. Nice weather helps. Birthday parties help. Microwave pizza pockets seem to help a lot right now. Funny cartoons help. I love to lift sullen faces and meet needs in the ways mommas do – food, hugs, fun, prayer.

But my kids need the Lord to show up in their lives – right now. They need to see a burst of the totally unexplainable break into their school day and remind them that God is present and real and working for them.

I’m been praying for that, and this morning God helped me articulate my prayer through His Word.

Psalm 90:16 says,

“Let your work be shown to your servants,
¬†and your glorious power to their children.”

And so I pray – that God will give Ben and I glimpses of His work here at the U of I so we can join Him and that He will show His glorious power to Haven and Tim and Libby.

That is what I believe will help all of us finish this season of feeling out of place. (Along with a few more brownies and a friend or two.)

One thought on “Glorious Power

  1. steph says:

    Love both of these posts. Great great writing. I am too busy settling into our new nest to really say anything else. So tired. and my palm has that sore spot from using the screwdriver too long in one session…

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