New Nests

We have a gumdrop tree in our front yard. The previous owners groomed and pruned this tree to look like a perfect gumdrop floating 2 feet off the ground. I don’t like it much – but I like it a little more now that I found the sweet little nest inside.

I was trying to get the gumdrop back in shape after letting it become a little “au naturelle” when I spotted it perched close to the trunk. Something about it resonated with me. I immediately thought of a momma bird settling on this tree because it looks taken care of and conservative. I can see her building up her nest and thinking – My little ones are going to feel safe and sound here in this neighborhood with dogs on leashes and no stray cats allowed.

That’s how I feel about our new place. Here we are in our tree lined suburbia – nicely maintained yards, sidewalks, lamp posts in every yard, privacy fence. We have painted the rooms, enrolled in the schools, searched for a church, met our neighbors. And yet…

I wonder if Momma Bird isn’t still frightened for the safety of her young, even in our gumdrop tree. I know I am. Will my monkeys feel loved here? Will they connect with friends here? Will they enjoy school here? Will they know God here? Will they fly here?

And under all that, I wonder if I will?

Transition always brings insecurity. Suddenly everything we are feels stuck out at odd angles and we wonder if we will fit anywhere. Around every corner are opportunities to examine preferences, values and convictions. Do we match? Are we the same?

Ah well. New nests.

Soon it will be our old nest with our stuff strewn all around us, happily shared with friends and neighbors. Holding on to that hope!





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