Fathers Day

I hope you all had a great day celebrating your dads.  The kids and I are putting together a few surprises for Ben who is gone this week. It’s easy to celebrate Ben – he is a fantastic father.

I thought about my dad a lot all day and talked to him for 30 seconds – which is pretty good for Dad who doesn’t love the phone either. I was thinking about some of our similarities – insignificant ones like our ability to waste all our charm and wit on people we don’t know and then be grouchy bums at home, the fact that we have the exact same face if you really look closely, our love for uncluttered surfaces and spaces, and how enjoy giving gifts.

Recently Dad and I got into our first verbal sparring match after a 10+ year hiatus. There we were, just like the old days! It comes out a little differently, but we are both so dang emotional when we fight. He probably wouldn’t describe himself that way, but we both just can’t help but get ourselves totally committed to our opinions and caught up in the importance of winning the battle. Good thing I can shake it off pretty quick these days. When I was a teenager it was like getting knocked out in the ring every time we had a conversation and I couldn’t get up for days. Did I mention my dad is an attorney? It’s just a no win situation – passion, heart, intellect, and it’s his job to argue. 🙂 Anyway, we just hugged later and kinda pretended it never happened. That’s a lot of progress for us.

Then I got to thinking about how we both grew up with alcoholic fathers – thought about that one for a long time.

You know, when I was very young in Christ, I maybe thought that although I came from a dad and mom, basically I was something brand new out of the box – that nothing like genes or generations of family history and patterns and sin and strength touched me. I see now that, yes, I am new in Christ, but so old in my humanness.

That is both comforting and terrifying.


Are you like your mom or your dad? Any funny or deeper connections you are discovering?


One thought on “Fathers Day

  1. Steph says:

    It is so true that we come from a FAMILY and that they affect us and our marriage SO MUCH. Once you are old enough and/or married long enough to realize, I think it sort of makes sense for certain culture who still practise choosing spouses together as a family. I completely see the wisdom of this. Oh, and by the way, it is not common for very Arab father to just pick the husband of his daughter. It is a whole family thing and the gal usually has the veto. Usually, not always. So I’m with you Jessica – once I realized how much I am like my mom, I am looking at how she is dealing with life and marriage and such and trying to take notes!

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