A dear friend recently took some photos of the family. She put a few on her website.

I teared up for a few reasons when I saw them. I am going to miss the person who took them, Kori, so much. She is such a precious treasure of fun and fruitfulness. I admire her very much and so wish we had more years to live life together.

I also teared up because – she captured each of us – especially the kids. I can see them – their personalities, their hearts –  in the pictures. And because we look happy – and we are. We are deep -down, joy-filled, happy. Whatever challenges are ahead, I will always have these photos to remember what a sweet season of life this was.

6 thoughts on “Captured

  1. susq says:

    Oh goodness. The kids look so grown up in these pictures. You look amazing, Jess! What a gift your friend has–you were right–she has captured the awesomeness of your family in these photos 🙂
    Miss you all!

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