Complex Math for Monday

1.  Used spring break to clean refridgerator, window wells, and pack odds and ends      

                           750 Stress points (SPs) – 300 SPs because I also got to shop for new towels


2. Signed 327 sheets of paper in order to close on new house.

                           5000 SPs x 3 children with me at closing who ate snacks loudly and chatted with former owners – 9000 SPs because the house we bought is AWESOME


3. Spent 2 nights and 3 days in Great New House (GNH)

                         150 SPs x 2 because of sleepless nights on the new bed + 78 because we decided to return new bed  – it was that bad

Question? Have the dimensions of queen sized beds changed? Our new one is a full 2 inches shorter than our old one.

                         + 9387 SPs worth of projects I decided must be done before I move into the GNH


4. Drove very quickly home to attend Tim’s swimming banquet

                     + 95 SPs because it was very, very long + 69.23 SPs because I didn’t sleep well last night either.


OK. Anybody got a total for me? Happy Monday friends!

3 thoughts on “Complex Math for Monday

  1. aSprinkling says:

    Ok…so…I had to do the math…it’s just me. I get 16,379.23. BUT…if you forget about the ones that are past and don’t matter anymore, you only have 387. So much better, huh?

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