Metaphors for Married Ladies

Um…this little “shout out” to my friend, Ness at Happiness is a Butterfly, makes my cheeks blush a little. I know it shouldn’t but this subject just always will.

Her post on sex in marriage was just what I needed to hear. If you are married, hop over there.

(insert sheepish grin here)

Ness and I have been on a strange journey together for a couple of years now. We have never met. We trade long emails a few times a year. We keep loose tabs on facebook… Somehow, God keeps connecting dots between us – like insomnia, moves, homes that don’t sell, ministry, God, church, the meaning of friendship. She has deeply encouraged me many times.

Isn’t that cool? I hate the internet for lots of reasons, but I love it too – I found Ness there. I think you should all keep up with her blog. She will bless you!

2 thoughts on “Metaphors for Married Ladies

  1. Christy says:

    Loved it! (Just finally got to read it.) Thanks so much for the forward and to Ness for the beautiful metaphor & reminder.

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