Isn’t it funny how our “issues” leak into strange places in life. Take mine for example. Fear. I am afraid. In a very general sense. I am a worse case scenario person. The other day Ben was reminiscing about swimming in the ocean and I was nodding and smiling and thinking, “Sharks. Jellyfish. Riptides.”

I fight it. I pray about it. I work on it. I win lots and lots, as evidenced by the fact that I have also gone swimming in the ocean and I will enjoy watching our kids someday frolic in the ocean (but I may also make Ben tie himself to them and arm myself with a shepherds crook.)

Here’s were its strange though. Home decorating? Seriously? How could fear run over into this area? Of course, I have found a way…

I am so afraid of making a terrible mistake decorating, that I somewhere along the line decided I just wouldn’t. Sure, I pick up things I like and rearrange things I like, but I have no plan. I am afraid to make a plan. What if it exposes that I have a terrible sense of style??? 

Well, I won a little battle recently. I did make a little decorating plan. I found a few throw pillows I loved, and then asked Hunky Hubby to paint some furniture to match the pillow. We now have a brick red bookcase and a mustard yellow table with blueish/grayish chairs in a little grouping. The pillows are on the futon couch in the same room. I like it! It was fun. I am on a role!

I found a bedspread for Haven since she is moving to a queen size bed at the new house and Ben is painting a dresser teal to match it. And we decided to make her closet into a reading nook and we are going to paint the inside of the closet a very fun shade of green. I am so excited. I am not scared!

I am so dumb. 🙂

I knew you all would celebrate this with me though! I’ll post some pics when we are all done!


2 thoughts on “Fear

  1. Jess! I have a video for you to watch!! Our pastor has been doing a series on fear, and this week they did a short video (2, maybe 3 minutes?) to put a face on fear. You describe exactly how I feel in many situations (don’t get me started on the ocean!!), and the video felt like it was perfectly tailored to me. I think you’d like it. It’s in the sermon video, but it’s the very first thing in the video, so it’s easy to get to.

    If you go here

    and then choose “play video” from the sermon called, “Not Afraid in Fearful Situations,” you can watch it.

    Your decorating sounds beautiful! Looking forward to pictures.

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