Last night I was in admin. mode on the couch – computer perched on my lap. I was working on a long list of to-dos when I felt a slow smothering feeling come over me. Sweaty, lumpy, heavy weight began to encroach my space. I pressed on, furrowing my brow and staring all the more intently into the computer screen.

The feeling increased. Now there was definitely some movement on both sides of me. The couch was moving, the computer was shifting off my lap, and the sweaty, lumpy, heavy weights were preventing me from typing correctly.

Then I heard a voice. It was quiet so I answered with an annoyed, “Huh?”

Again the voice, but this time I heard the words, “Mom, do you even like having children?”

I looked up. The sweaty, lumpy weights were my two girls – pressing in close for some attention.

Ouch. So tasky – all that registered was something annoying me.

I’ve been a very distracted mommy these last few weeks. I could list off the reasons why and justify it, but I don’t think it would lesson the sting of last night. I need to pay attention to the kids more. They are going through just as much as I am preparing for the move – maybe more. They need to see my face, my eyes, and feel my presence.

Hope you are NOT a distracted parent tonight!



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