Important stuff…


I tried on last summer’s capris and… they fit. Hooray!

I officially stopped sweating because I was cold and started sweating because I was warm.

A preschooler held up a cracker with the letter H on it and said, “H for Mrs. Dager,” with the proudest little smile on his face. I guess you had to be there for that one.

I started Bonhoeffer’s, Life Together, and got to page 4 and had to stop. I was already full of things to think about.

I reconciled myself to the fact that we may have to take our dying couches with us to the U of I even though I’d hoped we could leave them here in some sort of hospice situation (aka student apartment). 

After putting Life Together down, I decided what I really needed to read was Real Love for Real Life: The Art and Work of Caring, by Andi Ashworth, because I try and read it every year. I highly recommend!

I almost went upstairs and read the next chapter in the 100 Cupboards book the kids and I are reading together. I held off though.

I almost did menu planning and laundry on my lunch break, but I held off on that too.

Wouldn’t want to overtax myself on this extremely important day. Hee Hee.






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