Sweet Touches

Still gonna hold off on the pics of the house in Champaign, until its official, official –  but I couldn’t resist sharing a few fun ways the house stole my heart.

1. We cut down 5 full grown trees and a gazillion overgrown bushes at our home in Madison. It felt like mission impossible to carve out enough grass to have a proper yard for the kids. Our new place has NO trees in the backyard. It’s a very nice, totally tree-free, blank slate. Kinda weird since it’s in an older neighborhood, but I’m NOT complaining. Now I can plant what I want without the backbreaking labor of pulling everything out.

2. Our home in Madison had 4 different colors of carpeting when we first moved in – including a lovely rust colored AstroTurf-like variety. This home has great new carpeting all in one color!!

3. I confess I am a totally boring person when it comes to color. This home is basically all brown. Brown wood floors, light brown carpeting, brown trim, brown cabinets. I also confess that I love it. I love brown. I am gonna keep a lot of it brown. Me and brown are friends.


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