Snarky Addendum

In my last post I said,

“I remember going for a run right before we left Madison for NIU…”

When I wrote that line I was intending to go back and make a snarky comment about how annoying it is when people drop things like that into conversation. You know – this kind of stuff…

“The other day when I was signing up to take in 35 foster children, I had a thought about our book club.”


“I’m so sorry I forgot to call you, but I just lost those last pesky 10 pounds of baby weight you and I have been complaining about, and needed to buy all new clothes.”

You know what I mean. When you feel like someone is sharing some fact, but also slipping in an accidental “and by the way, I’m awesome.”

I just want to tell you all – that was NOT my intention. I just forgot to go back and poke some fun at myself, because as you all know – I haven’t been running since that run. Really. I haven’t. OK, I feel better now. Thanks!


One thought on “Snarky Addendum

  1. So great to have you back in the bloggy world. I was just thinking the other day while I was signing a book contract for my blog how much I miss reading yours.

    snicker, snort. 🙂

    Okay, seriously now – I Miss you friend! Glad to hear your exciting news – and the best part is you don’t have to sell a house to move! 🙂

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