Did you hear the news?

The newsletters have gone out (let me know if you want to join our mailing list…) so I can finally post about our big news – we are moving to the U of I. It’s a great move for us and we couldn’t be more excited about what lies ahead for us there.

I remember going for a run right before we left Madison for NIU, feeling like we were about to begin an epic journey. I was so ready, so energized. I had enough energy to pack and unpack 10 houses. And then the house didn’t sell and that whole “pioneering a new ministry thing” was good but so tough…

These last 4 years have been the hardest and best. We have looked a few worst case scenarios in the face and seen God carry us through. Pioneering a ministry from scratch and recovering from the megapalooza housing crisis has been no easy task. I look 10 years older than when I left Madison and that is no lie.

But, how do you regret something God so keenly orchestrated. How do you regret a process that has purified you. You don’t. You just feel spiritually more alive, even as you look a little worse for wear.

So, my new wrinkles and I are getting ready to move once again. I hope this blog will come alive again in the transition. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Did you hear the news?

  1. Wowza, Jess! I must confess – the day your letter came I snagged the mail just as we were leaving the house. I tossed it on my desk to open later and it promptly moved to the bottom of my stack. I just read this, remembered your letter, and quickly rifled through to the bottom of my pile. Read it all. Understand what you all are feeling. It’s been one full year now since our decision to move again. Hardly seems real. Glad for this new plan for you all though!

  2. Steph says:

    send it to my mom! She’s coming in a few weeks. Same address as always.
    Soooo happy to see you on here (= I keep checking!
    Me and my wrinkles moved back to where we are 2 years ago and it is still settling in. Would love to see you out here when Terri moves this coming year! wouldn’t that be craziness.
    love you.

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