On the farm

All is well here in Sycamore, IL. The heat wave continues to pound down on us but in a stroke of pure genius, Hunky Hubby and I remembered that there is a such thing as , get this, a window-air conditioning-unit. We are a little slow around here. We had this miraculous thought 2.1 hours before the heat wave landed here and had to search high and low for a store that still had one in stock. Thank you Menards!!!

We did lose 3 chickens yesterday to the heat. Even with water, shade, and an occasional hosing off, they died in the dead of night. Yuck. No one in the family shed even one tear.

In other animal news, our lovely neighbors whose 3 adorable cows we enjoyed in our back yard for 2 years, brought over some of those cows wrapped up in butcher paper yesterday. Haven – no surprise will not eat it.  It does not make any sense to her that I would much rather eat a cow I knew and loved than some anonymous cow. And as an ex-vegetarian, I totally understand how she feels – and yet – those cows taste GOOOOOOD!

And finally, the mid-summer blues struck yesterday. The summer is flying by so quickly and my children despite all my planning, nagging, and bribing – still do not enjoy the chores I am forcing them to do every day this summer.  I had visions of them rolling out of bed singing, “Whistle While We Work” and flying through the house leaving trails of sparkly cleanliness and joy. This is when being an idealist really hurts.

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