Two Fun Things

1. Phone Apps!

My new smart phone has a little app called “Mini Diary.” You can create an entry with text, a photo, or even a video clip. My oldest and I love to exchange notes. We both prefer to write our apologies to one another, we like to pass notes on long car rides, and I often leave notes on her bed if I’m thinking of her during the day. So, I just started writing her notes in the Mini Diary. Now, when she steals my phone to text her dad or play Angry Birds, she checks there too to see if I’ve written her. It’s pretty fun.

2. Matching Sheets!

Recently my youngest has been throwing FITS over very small inconveniences. Example – she can not find her footsie jammies = screaming rage and temper tantrum. The other day I created a worksheet for her. On one side there were 3 pictures – “burning house complete with flames and smoke”,” a little girl looking for jammies”, and “another little girl whose arm had come off somehow”.

Then on the other side of the sheet I listed the possible responses for her to match the pictures with. They were – “run and yell for help”, “completely freak out and scream uncontrollably”, “calmly make another choice”. I asked her to complete the worksheet. Well, she got the joke and connected the “girl looking for jammies” with “completely freak out and scream uncontrollably” – which left the poor girl with no arm to calmly make another choice.

4 thoughts on “Two Fun Things

  1. This literally made me laugh out loud. It’s a great story, but also a good lesson. I could replace “girl looking for jammies” with “extremely rude cashier at Wal-mart.” Next time one of them throws my food and mutters about my re-usable bags (2 weeks in a row!), I’ll remind myself to eschew red-faced teeth-grinding and “calmly make another choice.” ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. sherry says:

    Just saying “hi”. Great to hear about your world. ๐Ÿ™‚ Jeff just left for the Dells today. I leave tomorrow. Van is packed. House is clean. Yippee! Love, Sherry

  3. Kristin says:

    Oh, Jess – that’s hilarious. That girl sure has spunk. I may have to remember that worksheet idea for my girls…

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