Sometimes I am so slow. We live in an old farmhouse and mice are just part of the picture here. I see them very occasionally, but the tell-tale signs of their very comfortable life here are well documented…little poops in the snack drawer, cracker crumb trails, and oatmeal pies with corners eaten away and lots of cream filling missing to name just a few.

A few weeks ago we bought a mouse to live in a cage and be a “pet” for our daughter. As if that wasn’t ironic enough. Wait, it gets better. Yesterday I noticed Whiskers was low on mouse food. I was in the process of complaining about having to shell out another $7 for a bag of nutritionally balanced mouse food – containing organic seeds, barley pellets, and vitamin coated mineral drops, when I had a revelation.

What in the world am I spending money on expensive mouse food for when I am currently feeding a very healthy community of mice Ritz crackers and shredded toilet paper????? They seem to be doing just fine.

So, I shoved a few raisins, some goldfish, and a couple of sunflower seeds in her cage. Maybe this will create less tension for Whiskers when her buddies from the wrong side of the tracks come and visit her at night and tease her about her fancy fare. Now she can just be one of the gang – kinda.

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